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The construction of large-scale facilities for removing carbon dioxide from the air is underway.

Swedish radio recent coverage on Direct Air Capture.

– Large-scale plants that capture carbon dioxide directly from the air are planned in Norway, the USA and Scotland by, among others, the technology company Carbon Engineering. The carbon dioxide will be stored in the bedrock and in this way carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere permanently. The EU and the US are now investing billions in technology – Direct Air Capture

Click the two links below. First link is 37 minutes long, second link is 1,52 minutes. 

Jättelika dammsugare ska städa bort koldioxid från atmosfären 1 december 2021 – Vetenskapsradion Klotet | Sveriges Radio

Storskaliga anläggningar som dammsuger luften på koldioxid på gång – Vetenskapsradion Nyheter | Sveriges Radio

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